July 23, 2013

Everything I need

I wanted to share a few things that I've been working on over the past few weeks. I have some other calligraphy things but they are for clients so I cannot share them until they go live to the public. I feel like I'm still a bit shaky on my up-strokes and I still lack consistency but sometimes I like it. To try to get better I have been writing out quotes. Since I am obsessed with quotes, I have quite the personal library to choose from. When approaching a quote in calligraphy, I try not to worry about symmetry in the composition because I can scan it in and fix it in Photoshop. Another thing that is bugging me is my scanner. I feel like my scans are so high contrast and it makes the edges of the type rougher than they actually are. I have access to two more scanners in this house (the joy of living in a house filled with graphic designers!), so I'm going to try those out.

Also, since I last posted something on here I have drastically updated my work space. Check out my Instagram to see the amazing things I found at Salvation Army like an old calligraphy chest, a little worn down wooden shelf perfect for fitting envelopes and cards, and I also finished my collection of Thank You cards thanks to finding a Paper Source right down the street from my house! I think I will change them out with Congratulations, Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, etc. cards every once-in-awhile. Plus, I finally put up my Ikea shelf to display my vintage cameras and Bill Clinton nesting doll set (another thrifted find)!

Hope all is well. Not sure how many people are actually reading this now that I'm not posting pictures of my outfits, but I hope sharing my process/progress helps someone out there! Below I posted some things I've been working on, so check them out.

Thank You card for the future shop! A variation of this typography was originally done for my Save-The-Date.

This Thank You card is a work in progress for a friend.

Did this to practice my calligraphy. Now I just need to figure out how to make my scanner not awful.


  1. The fact that you've included a Dory Previn quote makes me love your blog all the more - I loooove her and I love that song! These cards are beautiful - I have as much a weak spot for pretty stationery as I do for clothes so I love this new direction for your blog :) Looking forward to seeing more fab designs from you :)

    1. Thank you! I really appreciate it =)

  2. Your work is beautiful and inspiring! Thank you for sharing that tutorial about live trace as well, it really helped me!